We supply our flowers FOB Ecuador, CIF Int. Airport and within the EUROPEAN UNION as well with door-to-door service.

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Please find following photos of different types of summer flowers and fillers we offer. We tried to be as complete as possible but to show photos of all different varietes of carnations, alstromerias, etc, would have been to much for this site.
If you would like to recieve more detailed information and photos of our summerflowers please do not hesitate to advice us by email and we assure you a prompt reply.

Agapanthus - dark blue
Ammi Majus
Aster - cassandra
Aster - hot pink astee
Aster - purple
Aster - solidago
Aster - sunrio
Aster - white astee
Carnation - blue

Carnation - mixed
Delphinium -hybrid blue
Delphinium - hybrid pink
Delphinium - hyb. purple
Delphinium - hyb. white
Delphinium -Völkerfried
Dienthus barbatus
Eucalypthus - baby blue
Gerbera - hot pink
Gerbera - orange
Gerbera - yellow

Gypsophilia - million stars
Gypsophilia - my pink
Gypsophilia - new love
Gypsophilia - perfecta
Hypericum - green condor
Hypericum - magical cherry
Hypericum - magical white
Hypericum - magical green
Hypericum - magical orange
Hypericum - magical pink
Hypericum - pinkie flair
Iris - casablan

Larkspur - hot pink
Larkspur - pink
Larkspur - purple
Larkspur - white
Lily - asiatic - yellow
Lily - asiatic - america
Lily - asiatic - giraffe
Lily - asiatic - orange
Lily - asiatic -marrakech
Lily - LA - dany arafin
Lily - LA - royal delight

Lily - oriental - stargazer
Lily - oriental - suamtra
Limonium - blue stream
Limonium - blue surpreme
Limonium - diamond pink
Limonium - diamond white
Limonium - - main blue
Limnium - safore blue
Lisianthus - pink
Lisianthus - purple
Lisianthus - white
Mini Gerbera

Mini Gerbera
Safari sunset
Stock matthiola - hot pink
Stock matthiola - lavander
Stock matthiola - purple
Stock matthiola white
Sunflower - black centre
Sunflower - Firewalker
Sunflower - gold green centre

Tissue statice - blue
Tissue statice - lavender
Tissue statice - light blue
Tissue statice - purple

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